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Boombastic, also popularly known as boom whacker or pitch pipe activity, is a type of musically based instrument that produces a particular musical note when banged against each other. Drum Circle Delhi's facilitator ensures a combination of rhythmic and melodic patterns are played by the participants, thus resulting in a unique and super energetic musical fusion.

Everyone receives either a single or a pair of boom whacker pipes of the same pitch, and a few participants also get some other percussion instruments such as a tambourine, a shaker, etc. The facilitator begins by teaching participants about different rhythm patterns and musical notes, gradually building up a structure, and eventually ends up jamming in sync as ONE TEAM!

Boom whacker is a popular and exciting team-building activity that enhances team synergy in the most light-hearted, unique, and enjoyable way possible. The group, along with the facilitator, puts up a flawless and energetic musical performance towards the end of the session.

Body Percussion

As the name suggests, body percussion is a rhythm-based team activity that is performed without the use of an actual musical instrument! Participants are led by our facilitator to create quite a few intriguing rhythm patterns by thumping, clapping, finger snapping, foot tapping, singing, etc. These patterns are then combined to put into a super energetic in-sync session.

Our facilitators assist participants in learning various rhythm patterns by tapping on various body areas such as shoulders, arms, clapping, foot tapping, and so on. Once in the rhythm, various patterns are gradually clubbed, thus creating a magnificent moment with great energy and ensuring 100% engagement from the group.

Body percussion instills the spirit of unity in participants and encourages them to coordinate their efforts, which eventually results in a positive environment and absolute bonding.

Trash Jam

A fun musical activity that involves creating music using objects that are mostly classified as trash Teams work together to produce unique and original rhythms and tunes. Led by our Music Facilitator, the session starts with some simple music patterns, then gradually builds up to more complicated but attainable patterns.

Participants are given trash objects, such as cans, sticks, buckets, etc., to be used as musical instruments. With the help and guidance of our facilitator, participants gradually learn different rhythmic patterns, resulting in a beautiful musical atmosphere and an amazing vibe of energy from what was initially trash.

To promote the value of team synergy, adaptability, and teamwork. Trash Jam is an intriguing team engagement activity that produces the best form of a collective project by adding value to scrap in the form of music!

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